Effect of Cryoprotective Media Components on Dog Spermatozoa Viability During

T. P. Linnik, M. I. Egorov, T. S. Dyubko, A. P. Belonozhko


There was studied the effect of such cryoprotectants (CP) as: glycerol (GL), ethylene glycol (EG), dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), N-N-dimethyl formamide (DMF), 1,2-propanediol (1,2-PD) in 1 M concentration on dog spermatozoa (DS) viability before and after freeze-thawing in 3 media, differing by composition. The first medium (TFY) comprised the yolk of chicken eggs, the second one (ТFA) consisted of egg albumin, the third one (ТF) was used without additives. It was established, that the highest viability of DS both before and after cryopreservation was observed under DMF protection in TFA medium. A possible mechanism of egg albumin effect on DS viability in combination with DMF is discussed.


spermatozoa; motility; cryopreservation; cryoprotectants; albumin; egg yolk

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