Conditions for Loach (Misgurnus fossilis) Embryo Vitrification in Cryoprotective Media

K. B. Mikson, E. F. Kopeika, T. P. Linnik


Resistance of loach (Misgurnus fossilis) embryos to the effect of 5 cryoprotective media was investigated and the conditions of their vitrification were determined. The obtained experimental data demonstrated, that at a developmental stage, corresponding to the heart beating onset, the highest number of vitrified embryos (up to 100%) was observed during 30 min incubation within a cryoprotective medium, consisting of 30% sucrose, 10% ethylene glycol, 3% polyethylene oxide–1500 and 20% 1,2-propane diol. Vitrification temperature of loach embryos at this developmental stage was within –80...–176°C range.


embryos; mud loach; Misgurnus fossilis; cryoprotectant medium; vitrification

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