Temperature Ranges of Phase Transformations in the Cryoprotective Media Components Determined by Thermoplastic Deformation Method

T. M. Gurina, A. L. Kirilyuk


Phase transformations in multicomponent cryoprotective media and their components were investigated during freeze-thawing using the method of thermoplastic deformation. The research objects included solution of cryoprotectant DMSO (10%) and the components of cryoprotective media being often utilized as a solvents for biologicals’ cryoprotective media (distilled water, physiological saline and the culture media: medium 199, Hanks’ solution, DMEM). The paper represents the temperature ranges of crystallization (melting) of eutectic concentration mixture for DMSO solution (from –87 to –67°C), eutectic crystallization (melting) of physiological solution and the culture media (from –37 to –21°C), recrystallization before melting of bulk ice (from –21 to –15°C) and following melting of bulk ice (from –15 to –4.5°C).


thermoplastic deformation; fluidity limit; recrystallization; eutectic crystallization (melting); cryoprotectant

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