Post-Thaw Morphological Changes in Animal Erythrocytes

O. N. Denisova, L. G. Kuleshova, N. G. Zemlyanskikh, L. A. Babijchuk, G. F. Zhegunov


Morphological changes in equine, bovine, and canine erythrocytes, when interacting with 20% dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and 30% polyethylene oxide with molecular mass of 1500 (PEO-1500) solutions, as well as after cell cryopreservation at the presence of the mentioned cryoprotectants have been studied in this research using light microscopy. Frozen-thawed erythrocytes of all animal species were established to be transformed into echinocytes under DMSO penetrative cryoprotectant effect and into stomatocytes under a non-penetrative one. The state of animal frozen-thawed erythrocytes when transferring them into physiological conditions was analysed.


animal erythrocytes; cryoprotectant; stomatocytes; echinocytes

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